Monday, April 14, 2014

Blues Moon Radio playlist: Titanic and Reptiles -- Tuesday, April 15, 2014

On last week's Blues Moon Radio show we featured a couple of songs that mentioned the Titanic Disaster; and this week, April 15th, 2014, we will bookend the tribute to those who lost their lives when that great ship went down with several more songs dedicated to the tragic event, which remains in our hearts and minds over a century later.

Snake Oil: proven NOT to cure what
ails you, but some good music might
make you feel fine. No snakes were
harmed in the posting of this photo,
which is available royalty-free, per
BING, at:
To take our minds off a certain taxing situation and to denote the onset of the slithery season, with your host having already uncovered her first frog and snake of the season in her garden (THAT will get one's blood going!), we will play songs with a reptilian/amphibian theme... and as a special bonus, we'll focus on alligators, too. Sorry turtles. Perhaps next time you will make the cut... you were a little slow on the uptake. Yes, I know... not your fault at all, dears. I completely understand. Let's hope I can avoid a "tort"oise lawsuit ... ahem. 

Not trying to act like a snake oil salesman, but Blues Moon Radio has the music that could just cure (Disclaimer: or mitigate... or do nothing at ALL for) your ailments... just tune in to WUSC-FM via the stream at between 6-8 p.m. ET/USA each Tuesday (look for the playlist and "listen" button) and wait for the good feelings to pour all over you. Might help if you exercised regularly, ate better and dang it... when ARE you going to make that doctor's appointment you've been whining about, eh? I cannot do it all, you know. LOL!

In addition to our customary tribute to Drink Small (this week's cut will be announced on air), here is a list of  some of the music we'll feature:

Blues Moon Radio playlist for April 15, 2014

Our birthday tributes will include the legendary Bessie Smith and one of the Jelly Roll Kings, Frank Frost: 

Blues Moon Radio birthday commemorations for April 15, 2014

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We hope you enjoy the show... and don't get snakebit on April 15th! Remember to sign and send those tax forms!

Clair DeLune

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for April 8, 2014

We had fun putting together this Tuesday's show... some of our intrepid listeners submitted suggestions and I spent a few days hunting through the dusty archives pulling out material to fulfill their fondest Blues wishes!

It was fun and challenging. We hope you enjoy it!

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Thankss! Your host... Clair DeLune

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for April 8, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The obvious theme is "Fools in Love" but... we've all been there and done that, right?

Tonight we focus on some dusty old Blues new to Clair DeLune's collection. Happy to share them with you. Thanks to the fine folks at Papa Jazz (show them some love for supporting the show for many years, please... tell them Clair DeLune sent you) and material from "Books Do Furnish a Room" in Durham NC (tell them I sent you, too... they have a wonderful collection of recordings). Some people participate in or watch sports or have actual hobbies. I visit dusty, musty used book and record stores. Yep. I love it. Sharing the bounty with you - my listeners - is additional thrills for me! Glad you came by...

This past weekend, they laid Bentonia, MS native Bud Spires to rest. He played with Jack Owens and we'll pay them both tribute tonight. Another step away from the originators... more tears to shed; but we must be grateful for their music living on. Some comfort there.

We also take a moment for a personal tribute to one of the finest people I have ever known - and someone to whom I'll be forever grateful for bringing me such a wonderful friend. Pauline, you are gone but never forgotten - always in our hearts... ever in our souls.

The last three songs on this are for Pauline, who flew free from this earth as spring descended. The chicken reference is a bit insider lore, but those who loved her will know why it is included. RockyDawg and Clair DeLune send love your way, dear Gammie Paw-leen.

And we will also play our weekly tribute to the LIVING and always fabulously wondrous, Drink Small, with his tune, One Woman, from the MusicMaker Foundation CD.

Thanks for tuning in - come LIKE our page on FB and follow on Twitter, please.

Blues Moon Radio playlist: April 1, 2014
Blues Moon Radio playlist: April 1, 2014

Clair DeLune,
Blues Moon Radio

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tuesday's Blues Moon Radio Show - Jelly Rollin' Blues - set for March 18th 2014

Something's cooking in the 
Blues Moon Radio kitchen 
for Tuesday night!

We'll hear more new music and a cut from our venerable Bluesman,Drink Small, as well!
See you Tuesday!
Clair DeLune, host, Blues Moon Radio

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

CD Reviews - by Clair DeLune, Blues Moon Radio 3/11/14

CD Reviews - March 11, 2014
by Clair DeLune, Blues Moon Radio

Record Label: Blind Pig

Each of these is recommended for those new to Blues and for confirmed aficionados as well:

NOTE: attempts are made to assure that material meets FCC guidelines or is marked accordingly for the benefit of the station's compliance, but I take no responsibility or liability for anyone other than myself in playing cuts over the air in terms of FCC rules - DJs should make their own review of the content of these CDs before airing. I post these reviews here so that listeners might determine if these are CDs they would like to purchase for their own entertainment.

Blues Moon Radio playlist for March 11, 2014

Tonight's theme will be St. Louis Blues - I've worked on getting many of the great St. Louis natives, and those who have been strongly influenced by SL Blues represented tonight - but there are more whom we just cannot fit in.

We'll revisit this again. What fun to explore these amazing artists' history.

I recommend looking the artists up individually, but please also visit this fine site:

Here is our playlist for the show... as usual, there might be some additions, changes, deletions, but as a guide, it's pretty close. There will be changes based on pure whimsy if I know my druthers.

Playlist link - click here for FB entry or see playlist below:

I also highly recommend you add the Smithsonian Classic Blues collection (1 and 2) to your music library...

Thanks for tuning in.... please enjoy!

Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender

March 4, 2014 playlist

We had some technical difficulties and could not post the playlist... until today...
Our station theme for this Spring's semi-annual fundraiser was "Road Trip Playlist" so where better to head (virtually - or in reality) than New Orleans via a side trip to Memphis. Here are the songs we selected from (not all were played and some were added - will try to perfect this list if possible for posterity!).

Thanks to those who participated in our fundraiser. We cannot do it without the public's support. (donate).

Again, deepest appreciation!
Clair DeLune and the brilliant and cute RockyDawg - I know it is for him you really donate. Woof!