Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Blues Moon Radio - Los Angeles Influences May 26, 2015

West Coast... Los Angeles... Hollywood... you don't think "Blues" right off the bat (movies, actors, celebrities come to mind), do you? But, a fan of the show and music aficionado got me to thinking about putting the focus on LA Blues, so I looked into that and was surprised to find so many connections.

It was quite a festive romp through the research to find some artists with connections to L.A. - they might have been born there, raised there, moved there late in life, started a record company there, or... died there.

We'll start with some who were born or raised, and then those who moved there or had significant career highlights there. We've got far too many for one show (in three hours of research, I followed up on 500 links out of a possible 12,200 - so yeah... more material than one show can hold).

So perhaps we'll cycle back next week and finish. Here are the possible picks for tonight's show (note that we always play Drink Small, our artist of the Millennium; and we're promoting Skipp Pearson's CD release party Thursday night - check out his page for more information).

Blues Moon Radio is brought to you by the many supportive listeners of great Blues music on WUSC, and is made possible in large part thanks to the support of the fine folks at Papa Jazz Record Shoppe in Columbia, S.C. who help audiophiles all over the world locate hard-to-find music.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blues Moon Radio Playlist Tuesday May 12, 2015 - Mama's Love and Mothers' Lore

It's true what they say - no one gets here without a mother of some sort (at least not quite yet).

Mothers are probably the most revered creatures in the world (yes, more than Facebook kitteh videos).

And for you who are presently mothers - blessings upon you! This show is especially for YOU!

I'm also paying tribute here to mine, who was one of the sweetest, savviest, kindest and most self-sacrificing people in the world. She was also tremendously festive.

Here is a collection of songs with Mama in the title (my Mother will forgive me - she liked to be called Mommie or Mother, never Mama) followed by some with Mother in the title (many fewer of those, but there are some). And then a compilation of qualities that mothers try to instill (or should) in their young.

Now, keep in mind, the titles are the tribute - with the double-meaning of Mama/girlfriend, we're not saying anything in the lyrics apply. They might, but ... don't count on that in a Blues song.

For everyone who has a Mama - call every day, visit often and HUG a lot!

For those who don't... remember, they want the best for you - happiness, and for you to bring goodness and value into your life and the world.

Now go make your Mama proud, y'all!

Clair DeLune and RockyDawg Blues Defender

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Blues Moon Radio for Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tonight's show will feature a few special segments...

One denotes the hard times and trouble folks can go through - I'm calling it "Broke Hard Mountain."

Another highlights and sends our love to Riley (Blues Boy) King who was put in hospice care this week.

Yet another highlights some of our Carolina talent - focusing on Charleston and the Coast.

Clair DeLune and the amazing RockyDawg, Blues Defender

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist for April 28 2015

Tonight's show is a mix of emotions... we'll start out being festive with Papa out raisin' some chickens... Songs will have Papa, Farm or Chicken themes. My Daddy didn't ever raise a chicken that I know of, but I was taken as a young girl to a farm somewhere out in the countryside near Richmond to meet some "folks" of my Daddy's. They had a wooden house with a porch and some benches and chairs. We sat outside and not in the living room (or parlor, as they called it). I was asked to take a walk through the crops. I had no idea why. Well, we picked some food... and came back and shelled peas and cut up watermelon, snapped beans and shucked corn. When my "certified citified" hands were "lookin' purt'near plumb clean wo' out" as our hostess (some relation to Daddy, but I could not figure that part out so I will call her "Aunt Lady") I was put in charge of making the butter. I already knew how to "make butter" - go with Mom to the A&P and grab the box of LandO'Lakes and peel the paper off, put it on a porcelain butter dish and lay a silver butter knife next to it on the lace tablecloth. I know, right? We each have our ways. But I learned a new one. Oh. My. Goodness. Did I learn a new way.

We are not playing it tonight, but Wynonie Harris' "Keep On Churning 'til the Butter Comes" takes a whole lot less time to play than it takes to churn butter. My arms were achin' and my knees got weak. Uncle Somebody or other, whom I'll call "Uncle Man" came outside to take a turn at the churn and then laughed at my eagerness to give it over to him out of sheer exhaustion. Who knew it gets harder the longer you churn? Obvious now, sure, but... who knew then? He cackled as he sauntered back into the house snappin' the one side of his overalls that was buckled. I guess tricking little girls is pretty near the most entertainment that happened down on that farm. He kept on laughing about "getting my goat."

When I couldn't move the paddles at all, I stopped and went inside and they offered me something to drink. It was called "tea." We apparently were the only Southerners provided the rare "tea exemption" to the usual Southern requirement to serve iced tea at all meals except breakfast, when you get hot tea. My Mother didn't love tea so we never had it. Bitter bitter bitter taste compared to my palate's well-established (read as "spoiled brat") taste for Coca-Cola, which I thought the tea was until I "turned up my nose" at it after the first nasty sip.

"That's not Coca-Cola!" I said, realizing immediately I should not have.

"Co'Cola?" said Aunt Lady in a high shrieky voice, "Why that'd be something for a special occasion, wouldn't it, Uncle Man?" He grunted, "Ooooh yes'm. We got none of that elixir here."

I smiled and thanked them and drank every drop of the bitter tea while blisters raised on my palms from the handle off the wooden butter churn. The glass felt cool against the pain and it did quench my incredible thirst on that hot summer day.

We sat down with their very large, yet strangely quiet family, and ate. The vegetables were astonishing. Their taste bore no resemblance to the bland canned vegetables Mom picked up at the A&P. I'd never had anything quite so good as corn on the cob with the butter I'd suffered so in making. The salt and butter mixed with the corn juices, dripping down my hands. It stung incredibly as it seeped into my open blisters, but it was worth it because each bite was better than the last.

We finished, and I offered to help clear the table. I was told "No, you are the guest! You go out on the porch and rest up before y'all get on your way." Before a moment had passed, a wooden bucket was placed at my feet and I was instructed we were having ice cream for dessert and I was the designated paddler. I smiled, and wrapped some cloth from my shirt around my sore paws. Around and around I turned that paddle until we had ice cream that was a mix of heaven and pure bliss.

It was the best thing I'd ever tasted then and I doubt anything will ever displace it.

So, although my Daddy never farmed, he clearly came from a family of fine farmers. They taught me that working makes the food taste better. Now when I get farm-fresh food from farm stands (it did not take me long to get citified again) or from friends who have small farms, I appreciate the work it takes to make something so healthful and filled with juicy-goodness.

That day instilled a tiny bit of farm spirit in me. I even grow my own lettuce on my city deck. Imagine that!

Tonight's "farm-fresh" cuts are dedicated to my Daddy, and his family (whom I never saw again), with love:

The second set of songs are included because:
1) We had a request last week for Johnny Winter from a WUSC alum - so hey, Bob! (didn't have the song you wanted, but... this is a fave of mine and I hope you enjoy it!)
2) Everybody cries for one reason or another and I know some of you have good reason this week. Keep your hope alive but it is okay to cry, too. xoxo and much love to everyone going through an issue that is giving you cause to pause and have concerns. All the best to you all. Miracles happen.

Please note there is a great Blues Jam at Utopia on Saturday, May 2, featuring Johnny Few and Tommy Toglio, of the Brother Band of the '70s. It's going to rock!

Much love from RockyDawg, Blues Defender and Kee Kee the Wonder Horse and from me, your buttery-smooth Blues radio host,
Clair DeLune
Blues Moon Radio

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Blues Moon Radio playlist for Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This Tuesday, April 21, 2015, we are sending out some Get Well Soon wishes to a dear friend of the show, as well as to all who need - as Drink Small refers to it - a little "boostin' up." We most assuredly send well-wishes to Drink Small, but as well to one of his dearest friends - an ardent admirer, super supporter and faithful friend, as well as being part of Drink's health care team. He is due, in large part, the credit for Drink being able to play guitar again, after having some problems with that. Drink has an improptu tune in tonight's lineup that I recorded live in his living room with Raiford Hinton that is a rare treasure.

That and these others songs will help us chase away all woes and misery; let's lift our dear friend up in song and send the healing feelings from deep inside our spirits that we know his spirit will hear - energize him with our care and bring him back from a very threatening health challenge. Sending love to the family as well because it is never easy for the caregivers and loved ones during a crisis, although they'd be the last to admit it because of the deep feelings and care they have for their beloved.

Tonight's show expresses the understanding we have about hardship and the difficult roads we must travel to gain a necessary understanding of life, as well as the faith we have in love and care.

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble, but I Won't Be Down Long.

Lifting you up, Dr. & Mrs. J.

With love and thanks from me to the amazing people in our Blues Moon Community,
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender and Empathic Nurse Healer and Channeler.

Among tonight's cuts are:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for April 14, 2015

We've had a crazy couple of weeks - two weeks ago, we didn't have time to fit in all our bunny rabbit music, then last week, the show disc fell out of my Blues bag enroute to the station (some lucky person might have found that and not known what was what, but that it was doggone good!).

So, because we did not play all scheduled for last two week’s shows, and there's no way to catch up now, we will start with the interview we missed hearing last week (Carrie Phillips from Historic Columbia dot org about the Five Points Happy Hour Tours starting this Friday) and some songs with "5" in the name (for our beloved Five Points... celebrating its centennial). 

Then, we’ll pick up with the promo interview for Sustainable Agriculture Music and Storytelling show; then "taxing issues," wherein we'll go back to the 1920s and see how people felt then about taxes. Next, through the years of tax songs (Roots and Blues genres - and a couple of humor pieces, some to music and some not) then go back and pick up our belated Muddy Waters’ tribute. ­­

NOTE: The picture of the playlist is arranged differently - it was the most effective re-use of the discs ... and we want to be sustainable and good to our Mother Earth this close to Earth Day (and every day!). 

We have, as is our pledge, included some music from our Artist of the Millennium: Drink Small and his support for the Ag program... and we'll finish with one calling for "Better Times" and dedicate that to a dear friend of the show and his bride whom I know not only need some better times, but they are quite deserving. Better times are coming, "Dr. J" - they are coming - hang in there - we love y'all!

Here's the show guide... 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for April 7, 2015

Thanks to last week's guests, Doug Peach (McKissick Museum and SCAC) as well as our virtual guests, and featured artists of the week, Dark Water Rising and Lakota John and Kin. Their performance Friday night was - in a word - astounding. Spiritual and uplifting. What a joy to meet with LJ's family and friends and enjoy a bit of fellowship after their sterling performance.

This week we have the honor of two guests once again!

First we feature Carrie Phillips from HistoricColumbia.org chatting with us about the Five Points Centennial Celebration and Happy Hour Tours.

We'll start with the Nighthawks, who played at one of the Hot Spots on the tour (the old Rockafella's - where Jake's is now); then we will play some songs with "five" in the title.

Next, on to celebrating all things Muddy because Muddy Water's birthday is 4/4 and he officially turned 100 years (or would have) over the weekend.

Next, an uplifting tribute to B.B. King, who was hospitalized at age 89 over the weekend in Las Vegas. At last report he was doing better, having suffered from dehydration as a complication of diabetes. Watch that sugar y'all (me included!) - it's a beast!

The Rev. Marv Ward is a favorite guest here in the studio where he'll be returning to debut his newest CD, Catharsis... he's broader than just Blues, but we'll pick the blue-est cuts for you.

And our artist of the millennium, Drink Small, needs your prayers and love sent up - he's having some medical things going on and we want them to work out well - so holler up some praise for B.B. and Drink, please, as well as their families during these difficult times. Please add an extra oomph for our Blues Moon fans who are struggling with trials and tribulations, too. Lots of love to all... miracles happen! I believe it!

If we have time, we'll route back around to what we did not have time for last week... some Easter leftovers... hmmmm? Ham and eggs, I guess!

Y'all be cool...
Your Blues pals,
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg, Blues Defender

Playlist below: