Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for Tuesday, Sept. 16 - and promo of Carolina Downhome Blues Fest w/ Gary Erwin

Blues Moon Radio Playlist
Tuesday, Sept. 16
Carolina Downhome Blues Fest w/ promoter Gary Erwin

We've got a full show for you this evening - Blues Moon Radio from 6-8 p.m. will feature some great stuff...

Our tribute to Lightnin Hopkins will continue with a few cuts and some history... you'll have to tune in live for that update...

And we will play some songs bidding goodbye to summer and welcome to fall.

Then the first of three interviews with our Lowcountry guest, Gary Erwin, who is the talent procurer for the Carolina Downhome Blues Festival (www.fineartscenter.org). He'll give us a little background on some of the artists you can enjoy Oct. 2-4 (Th-Sat) in historic Camden, S.C.

Here are the plans for tonight's show (we do reserve the right to change based on time or pure whimsy).

Tonight's birthday artists will add a nice touch to the mix - B.B. King tops the list of birthday commemorations and we'll end the show with two cuts from our artist of the year, Drink Small!

It's a very full show... and you don't want to miss a minute of it... tune in and have some fun...
RockyDawg (Blues Defender) and I will see you at 6 p.m. sharp at 90.5 FM and HD1 Columbia or stream it at www.wusc.sc.edu - click the links to listen and stream.

Thanks from your Blues Muse,
Clair DeLune

Monday, September 8, 2014

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lightnin' Sam Hopkins

Blues Moon Radio Playlist
Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tonight's show is intended to play some old and some new, and give thanks and love to those who were a part of the CrossPollination concert fundraiser Sunday night at Le Cafe Jazz in Columbia SC.

We'll celebrate our Artist of the Month, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Artist of the Year... Drink Small, the Blues Doctor. Lightnin's cuts will be announced during the show. We'll also commemorate fellow Texan, Algernon "Texas" Alexander as well as Coy "Hot Shot" Love, who were both born on this day.

We'll kick off the show with a little thank you from a singer with one of the best names in show biz, Zilla Mayes:

Birthday commemorations

We hope you will tune in each and every week to Blues Moon Radio. Tuesday is Bluesday - 6-8 p.m. on 90.5 FM and HD1Columbia - stream at www.wusc.sc.edu then click LISTEN.
Stay Blues,
Clair DeLune

Blues Moon Radio and the Southern Roots Music Foundation and Cross Pollination concert

This is a placeholder for SRMF's CrossPollination concert and fundraiser for Drink Small. Sites on FB have info now... will be xfer'g that here when time allows.

Cannot put this on hold though without first thanking all who made such a positive difference in this effort. It was amazing!

Retro Post for August 2014 - TBA

Things went a little off the rails in August and there was no extra second to keep up the Blues Moon Radio playlists and blog ... if I ever have time, I'd like to go back and do a retro post for historical accuracy... this is a placeholder in case I catch up enough from the overflow to achieve that goal... fingers crossed!

Sometimes, just lowering your expectations can decrease stress levels enough to allow more to happen than if you put pressure on yourself. Maybe that will facilitate the completion of the posts for this month of amazing production despite many obstacles - some planned, some out of the Blue(s).

Y'all practice good self-care out there, too. Figure out what works for you and what can manage to go undone without harm to you, your loved ones or the universe. Do what works best for you. One strategy that helps me is to start from where you are. Get that under control, then go back and try to add in what you might have missed. Having to start from behind the starting gate is a no-win prospect.

clair delune -

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Blues Moon Radio playlist for July 29, 2014 - Interview with author of Drink Small's biography

Blues Moon Radio playlist for July 29, 2014 - Interview with author of Drink Small's biography

Tonight we will feature an interview with Gail Wilson Giarrantano, the author of Drink Small's upcoming biography.

It is also the final week of our tribute to our Artist of the Month, Mac Arnold. We thank him for all the time he spent with us for that fine interview we featured the first week of July.

August will be a month of re-grouping and preparation for the new academic year. We will not be on the air next week, and possibly the week after, but plan to kick off the semester full-tilt-boogie on August 19th.

Tonight's show features the following planned selections, then some new music at the end of the two-hour block.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blues Moon Radio playlist for July 22, 2014 Johnny Winter, Mac Arnold, Drink Small and Rod Piazza featured tonight

Blues Moon Radio playlist for July 22, 2014 

Johnny Winter, Mac Arnold, Drink Small and Rod Piazza featured tonight on Blues Moon Radio.

Missed all of you last week - there was a genuine Blues trauma and we appreciate your kind tidings throughout - keep them coming and we'll keep working on sending you the best Blues possible.

This week we lost a Blues legend, Johnny Winter. Many of you have written such wonderful stories and tributes to him online and we have been very touched by the loss of this powerful musician. It is a heartbreak to lose him - we've chosen a few of his songs to accompany him on his rise to Blues Heaven. You will be missed, Johnny. I was privileged to have had the chance to meet him several times on a professional level and develop a friendship with him, although nothing on the level of my many musician friends who spent much time with him, especially during the days he shared a stage and studio with Muddy Waters. 

We'll link our artist of the month, Mac Arnold, with Johnny Winters via Muddy Waters' music on tonight's show in tribute to this giant of Blues Rock. 

We will also debut a knockout CD by Rod Piazza and the Mighty Flyers - it is so good I had to bribe my car CD player to let it come in the studio with me. It's an "Emergency Situation"... SO good! Check him out on www.blindpigrecords.com.

Mac Arnold is our artist of the month and Drink Small is the artist of the year and we are working on getting these great SC artists much more recognition. Be the first on your SC (or better yet... non-SC) block to tell your friends to link up with these greats.

Find them on Facebook at Mac Arnold and Plate Full O'Blues and Drink Small, the Blues Doctor. Click LIKE and suggest the page to your friends, please. And hey, if you have an extra second or two, we'd sure love it if you'd LIKE Blues Moon Radio on FB and follow on Twitter - I'm also on Linked In (but barely) as Clair DeLune. Connect up... and tell us what pages we need to link up with, too... my Linked In e-mail is bluesmoonradio at gmail dot com.

Okay, here's tonight's playlist:

General Playlist

Birthday artists for July 15 and 22

As always, Tuesday is Bluesday and get your licks at six... 
www.wusc.sc.edu - then click on the Listen button. 

Many thanks for listening!
Clair DeLune and RockyDawg

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blues Moon Radio Playlist for Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Blues Moon Radio Playlist
Tuesday, July 8, 2014 

Mac Arnold

Mac Arnold, our featured Blues artist of the month. 

Drink Small, The Blues Doctor  

Drink Small, our featured Blues artist of the year.

We will also feature previews of music you will hear at two upcoming concerts in the region. 

      Mac Arnold is Blues Moon Radio’s July 2014 Artist of the Month and is also appearing at the Greenwood Blues Cruise in Greenwood, South Carolina. MORE INFO: http://www.greenwoodbluescruise.com/

      Drink Small is appearing at the Mars Theatre in Springfield GEORGIA (not SC) on July 12 at 8 p.m.  as part of a Music Maker Relief Foundation Show. MORE INFO and TIX: www.marstheatre.com

Here are tonight's playlists:

Greenwood Blues Cruise Artists

Birthday artists for July 8

Drink Small at the Mars Theatre July 12, Springfield GA (not SC) at 8 p.m.
Springfield GA is near Savannah GA